Blue Flame (1993)

Nomination Year: 2004
SYNOPSIS:  The year is 2017. Or maybe the teaser was set in 2017 and the year is now 2020. Like a lot of things in this movie, it's sort of hard to tell. Brian Wimmer plays a cop whose job is to track down "Alien Potentials", also known as "Saturn-17s" (the movie explains what they are in no more detail than I just did). Four years ago (I think), the Potentials Fire and Rain kidnapped Brian's daughter Samantha. He captured them and they were put in cryo-freeze, but Sam was never recovered. Depressed, Brian broke up with his wife and quit the force. But now, Fire and Rain have escaped and he's called back to track them down with the help of a sex robot he finds who turns out to have been created by Rain who, after hitting on Brian for most of the film, turns out to really be Samantha (ew), who was rapidly aged to adulthood by Fire. The Potentials (and the sex robot) all have some sort of ability that allows them to travel into people's memories and/or (again, it's hard to tell) create alternate realities and a lot of weird shit happens that may be real and may not. In the end, the 'bot dies and Rain goes into Fire's mind to kill him and save her dad, destroying herself in the process. Then Brian and his wife are reconciled and walking on the beach and Samantha suddenly shows up as a child again and they all have a tearful reunion. The end. I dunno, maybe it makes more sense in Danish.

"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

"This Is Bullsh*t!"
I think Fire is actually explaining the plot here. I followed it up through "This is bullshit!" but, after that, they kinda lost me.

Best One-Liner

Wish I Could Say the Same...
She is hitting on him. He's not buying it. She puts his hand on her breast.
She: "Feels mighty real to me."
He: "Wish I could say the same."
As we see later, he's right, it's not.

"Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw"

"Is This 1314 Alvarado Street?"
He asks "Is this 1314 Alvarado Street?" and provokes an immediately hostile response. Jeez, good thing he didn't ask if there was a restaurant in the neighborhood.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Brian Wimmer  
Kerri Green Her first role was in The Goonies 
Director Claim to Fame
Cassian Elwes Brother of actor Cary Elwes, he supposedly wrote Blue Flame in four days while he was under heavy sedation at a hospital 

Greg Pearson

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