Lethal Ninja (1996)
For Hire

Nomination Year: 2005
SYNOPSIS:  Chinatown is being threatened by a violent gang. The police chief has no intention of stopping this (since he's the one who hired the gang in the first place), and the mayor is at his wit's end. He hires a mercenary to stop the gang's reign of terror. That mercenary is ... the Lethal Ninja!

"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

Weird, Rambling Eulogy
"You are all responsible for her death!" Philosophically, anyway.
The sort of eulogy that you would get if your priest was drunk and feeling hostile.
Okay, fine. Hostiler.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
David Heavener Not only an actor, writer, director, and a martial artist, he also composes and performs Christian music. 
Addison Randall  
Chance Michael Corbitt Not to be confused with Chance Corbitt Jr., or Chance Corbitt Sr. 
Bambi Swayze Adopted sister of Patrick Swayze. 
Linda Cox  
Director Claim to Fame
Stephan Rudnicki  

Kevin Hogan

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