Night of a Thousand Cats (1972)
Blood Feast
La Noche de los mil gatos

Nomination Year: 2005
SYNOPSIS:  A playboy millionaire picks women up, wines them, and dines them. But when he bores of them, he preserves their heads in jars of formaldehyde, and feeds their bodies to the cats he keeps penned up at the lowest level of his palatial estate.

Smithee Award Winner!MegaMetaSmithee Award Winner! "Whoops!"

Night of a Thousand Thousand Cats Cats
A flashback sequence repeats itself. A flashback sequence repeats itself. Clearly unintentional, although it does nudge the movie over an hour of total running time.

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Hugo Stiglitz  
Gerardo Zepeda  
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RenĂ© Cardona, Jr.  

Kevin Hogan

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