Omega Cop  (1990)
John Travis, Solar Survivor
Nomination Year: 2005
SYNOPSIS: In a future where the destruction of the ozone layer has caused civilization to largely collapse, gangs rule the surface, and the cops hole up in bunkers. When Chief of Police Adam West gets a tip about a slave auction, he sends his best team of cops to take them down. But the raid goes bad and only team leader John survives. And when John is caught out in a solar flare, Batman won't let him back in the bunker. Now John is trapped on the surface and the only way out is for him to personally kick every member of the slaver gang in the groin.
Greg Pearson
Smithee Award Nominations
Guard-man's Got Nards
John Travis (World's Not-Quite-Last Cop) "sneaks" up on a guard about to relieve himself on a wall. John takes a long run-up, the guard fails to see him, and then John kicks the guard in the crotch (from behind).
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Worst Science
That's crazy! Or Maybe WE Are...
Exposure to light from a solar flare makes you go insane.
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Worst Cover Copy
Well, the "Cop" Part's Right at Least
He's arguably not the toughest cop in the world (although he's certainly the groin-kickingist cop in the world), he's definitely not the only cop in the world, and the suggested retail price is the same as the running time (too much).
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Director Claim to Fame
Paul Kyriazi  
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Ronald L. Marchini <Not Yet in Database>  
Adam West <Not Yet in Database> TV's "Batman," who reinvented himself as a self-parody of Camp personified. He's played many a bit part and cartoon voice. 
Troy Donahue <Not Yet in Database>  
Stuart Whitman <Not Yet in Database>  
Sean P. Donahue <Not Yet in Database> fight choreographer for Tail Sting 
Francisco Ramírez <Not Yet in Database> assistant fight choreographer for Omega Cop 
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