Tail Sting (2001)
Tail Spin

Nomination Year: 2005
SYNOPSIS:  An intrepid female research scientist is part of a team which is studying an ancient species of giant scorpion. They bring aboard the airplane a bunch of "dead samples" preserved in green goo. One of the scientist team, however, is not as interested in furthering Mankind's knowledge so much as making a quick buck. This smarmy guy tries to steal/hide the samples, but is caught in the act and ends up killing the security chief. When the plane hits turbulence, the sample jars break and the scorpions turn out to be not so dead as advertised. Oh, and they grow to 5 or 6 feet long. You can probably guess the rest: They get loose and start killing people while the scientist's ex-boyfriend finds his inner hero and rescues as many passengers as he can, even eventually landing the plane safely under less-than-ideal circumstances. No, that last sentence is not deja-vu.

"Alas, Poor Yorick"

That's Gotta Smart
Professor is accidentally shot as the hero and smarmy guy wrestle for the gun. Then there's a pointless scorpion attack where one of the scorpions charges the professor and leapes onto / runs over him. He kind of half-grabs it, falls over, trips the lever, and goes out the airplane door (at 30,000 feet or so).

Worst Science

Jurassic Park Scorpions!
One of the scientists explains the premise behind the ancient scorpions, and one of the other characters actually uses the phrase "Jurassic Park Scorpions."


Giving the Audience the Finger
The stereotypically-gay flight attendant gets cut on a can (cheap shot), then gets stung for real. Meantime, he's holding his bleeing finger...or not...now he is...now he's not... Whoops!

Worst Picture

“The Place I Know Makes a Great Burger.”
Some goodies in here as the smarmy scientist tries to bribe the security officer. A best one-liner (“The place I know makes a great burger.”); a fight very, very badly and confusingly edited; and a manslaughter-by-skipole Alas.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Laura Putney  
Robert Merrill the phrase "transition from top model to actor" says it all 
Director Claim to Fame
Paul Wynne  

Bryan Cassidy

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