The Last Siege (1999)

Nomination Year: 2005
SYNOPSIS:  When a prestigious Senator (Ernie Hudson) boards a train at Union Station, he is expecting a smooth ride. However, his trip is interrupted when a domestic terrorist group hijacks the train and plants a nuclear bomb somewhere on board. A renegade, on-the-edge ATF Agent (Jeff Fahey) happens to be a passenger on the train (he's trying to make up with his girlfriend, who's the senator's aide). He may be the one man who is capable of both freeing the hostages and defusing the bomb before time runs out.


Hiding behind the Door
Way to search that 2-ft. square bathroom for someone who's trying to kill you.

Smithee Award Winner! Inane Dialogue

Unclear on the Whole "Bomb" Concept
"This bomb will go off, and then the whole town disappears."
"Everybody's dead?"

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Jeff Fahey Was the Lawnmower Man, and turns up as a leading man in a bunch of other Bad Movies -- his first role was in Silverado 
Ernie Hudson despite his long and impressive filmography, probably best known from his role as "Winston Zeddermore" in the Ghostbusters films 
Beth Toussaint the original "Anna Sheridan" on Babylon 5, before the role was taken over by Bruce Boxleitner's wife 
Brent Huff these days, he kind of looks like a Poor Man's "Lance Armstrong" 
Patrick Kilpatrick  
Rosalind Allen  
Matthew R. Anderson  
Director Claim to Fame
Worth Keeter  

Bryan Cassidy

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