Ninja Hunter (1984)
The Ninja Hunter
Shaolin Hero
Wu Tang Vs. Ninja

Nomination Year: 2005
SYNOPSIS:  This movie has the same distributor as Ninja vs. Ninja, but luckily, this film is far more coherent. Surprisingly so, actually. The treacherous Abbot White wishes to have his Kung Fu clan rule supreme, so he enlists the aid of the down-and-out Ninja faction to destroy his only rival: the Shaolin Temple! The three Ninja-clan leaders jump at the chance to be on top again, and pledge their support. The Abbot and the Ninjas attack Shaolin, and kill everyone except a few very loyal hangers-on. Years later, the sons of one of the survivors must learn the deadly Finger Technique to beat the ninjas, kill Abbot White, and regain Shaolin! Most of the rest of the plot revolves around how the secrets of the Finger Technique were hidden from the baddies, and how the Abbot's Yin-Yang Technique is powered by the life-force of young women. He uses his evil Kung Fu to get them all hot and bothered, you see, then he sucks their energies to make himself invulnerable.

"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

That's Ike Turner's Philosophy, Anyway
A couple of peeping-Tom monks see their boss "gettin' busy," and hear his lover say “To hit is to kiss!” This leads to a rather effete slap-fight followed by an evil ninja-master smackdown. This is really the only “goofy” scene in an otherwise totally serious movie.

Smithee Award Winner! "WHAT?!"

We'll Sweep Him under the Rug
The bad guy gets stripped to his undies, then uses Ninjitsu to turn into some kind of flying carpet or cloth or blanket which rather lamely menaces the good guy.

Worst Special Effect

What's Deadlier Than an Exploding Ninja?
Two exploding ninjas. See The Amazing Exploding Ninjas Collide!

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Jack Long  
Tien-chi Cheng  
Director Claim to Fame
Wu Kuo Jen also uses the English-sounding "Dennis Wu" and "James Wu" 

Bryan Cassidy

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