Dracula 3000 (2004)
Dracula 3000
Dracula 3000: To Apolyto Skotadi
Dracula 3000: Infinite Darkness

Nomination Year: 2006
SYNOPSIS:  A salvage ship discovers a derelict freighter. They move in to investigate so that they can claim the ship and make a lot of money. If only they knew that its cargo was coffins. Coffins full of vampires.

A frankly-enjoyable film, which might almost be too good for Smithee consideration ... if not for the ending.

Crummiest Ending

Time To End the Movie Now
The two surviving crew members have locked themselves in a different part of the ship than Count Orlock (and their four staked comrades). Unfortunately, the ship is stuck on a collision course with a nearby sun -- ETA twelve hours. Neither of the survivors knows how to pilot the ship, so they decide to get some pre-death nookie. Meanwhile, Orlock is streaking through the ship (presumably to find and de-stake his cohorts for a last-ditch assault). Then the self-destruct mechanism set fifty years ago goes off. End of film.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Casper Van Dien "Lt. Johnny Rico" in Starship Troopers
Erika Eleniak Her first film role was as "Pretty Young Girl" in E.T. the Extraterrestrial
 Coolio Famous Rapper who got upset when "Weird Al" Yankovic did a parody of one of his songs. 
Alexandra Kamp-Groeneveld  
Grant Swanby  
Langley Kirkwood  
Tom Lister, Jr He is six feet seven inches tall, and was a WWF and WCW wrestler (under the names of "Zeus" and "ZGangsta"), so of course his nickname is "Tiny." 
Udo Kier  
Director Claim to Fame
Darrell Roodt  

Kevin Hogan

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