Dino Croc (2004)
Dinocrocodile, la Créature du Lac

Nomination Year: 2007
SYNOPSIS:  Produced by Roger Corman, Dino Croc is a classic science-has-produced-a-killer-animal movie. In addition to an annoying kid, it features an Australian crocodile hunter (clearly modeled on Steve Irwin), and an evil corporation (the GEnetic REsearch COrporation, GERECO, pronounced Jericho) ready to lie, cheat, steal, and murder in order to protect its bottom line.

The plot is pretty straightforward. A lab accident allows a genetically-modified crocodile to escape from the GERECO lab. GERECO lies about it to the sheriff, and goes about trying to kill/capture the thing themselves. They fail. It eats several people (including the young brother of the male hero). Our heroes try to catch it, and fail. It eats a waterskier at a nearby lake. The cops try to catch it, and fail. It eats five cops. They lure it into a tunnel and gas it with carbon monoxide. It's dead. The cops and croc hunter go home to sleep.

It's not dead. It attacks our heroes, who lure it into the path of a train. The train hits it. It's dead.

It's not dead. Our male hero takes a railroad spike and pokes its remaining eye out (the croc hunter took one eye with a knife earlier in the movie). It's dead.

Our heroes go on vacation. It's not dead. The end.(?)

"Alas, Poor Yorick"

The Dino Croc is tailing an unsuspecting waterskier, who is having a great time. She goes off a jump, shouts out "Whee!", and with a mighty burst of crummy CGI, the Dino Croc eats her.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Costas Mandylor his younger brother Louis was in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 
Charles Napier was in The Blues Brothers, what's he doing here? 
Jane Longenecker  
Matt Borlenghi his film debut was in Cannibal Hookers, and from there he's risen to this 
Bruce Weitz  
Joanna Pacula  
Director Claim to Fame
Kevin O'Neill typically a visual effects supervisor, this is his only directorial credit (as of March 2, 2006) 

Kevin Hogan

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