Mutant (1984)
Night Shadows
Toxic Waste

Nomination Year: 2006
SYNOPSIS:  College student brothers Josh and Mike head to the country for a relaxing vacation. A confrontation with a pickup truck full of rednecks leaves their car in a ditch and forces Mike to walk around with his shirt unbuttoned for the rest of the movie. They walk to a small town to try to get a tow, but instead find that people are mysteriously disappearing. Mike joins the ranks of the missing and Josh teams up with the local schoolteacher and drunken town sheriff to try to track down the problem. Turns out a chemical company is dumping toxic waste nearby, which is turning the locals into bloodsucking zombies. Our heroes then run around town and are menaced by zombies in various locations (house, abandoned warehouse, school, public bathroom, car, etc.). Wackiness most definitely does not ensue.


Like Airplane!, Except Not Funny
The brilliant doctor continues her string of hits, conducting an autopsy while her assistant turns into a zombie right behind her (displaying symptoms as she describes them) and she doesn't notice!

Worst Science

Take a Clue. In fact, Take Two.
You had a toxic chemical reaction after touching the body of a girl who died of an unknown cause under unexplainable circumstances. I'm sure you'll be fine in the morning. Gee, thanks doc.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Wings Hauser Plays a lot of over-the-top psycho villains; looks like Rutger Hauer 
Bo Hopkins known for playing "The Sheriff" in multiple films 
Director Claim to Fame
John "Bud" Cardos started out as assistant director, stunt coordinator, production manager 
Mark Rosman  

Greg Pearson

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