Make a Wish (2002)

Nomination Year: 2006
SYNOPSIS:  Okay. "I wish I had never seen this movie and had those 96 minutes of my life back!" Darn. Anyway, the review on the cover copy just about says it all: "If anyone can think of a better set-up for a horror film than lesbian ex-lovers camping in Texas, I'll pay to hear it." Susan has what could be most charitably called a "strong personality." Each year she invites (okay, bullies) a group of her closest friends and lovers to camp with her on her birthday. From there, it turns into a fairly typical pick-em-off-one-by-one horror flick, except for the lesbian tent-hopping and the ending...well, that would be telling. Okay, I'll tell you. The female lead's actually crazy and it was all a psychotic dream. Or was it? Don't know, don't care.

Smithee Award Winner! "Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

A Spot of Bother
The redneck comes to Susan's rescue. "I just don't like to see ladies bothered by people who are bothering them. It's bothersome. Know what I mean?" Uh, no I don't.

"Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

Let's Up the Rating to Lesbian Camp
The inevitable happens. For no reason other than...they're lesbians on a camping trip.


Stop Right There or I'll Plug Ya!
There is clearly a plug in the end of that prop gun. Yet she shoots the hunter. Three times. And kicks him. And takes his cigarette. "No men allowed! Hahahahaha!"

Crummiest Ending

"Psycho Birthday to Me!"
Uh...okay, so Susan was really crazy and was the one who killed everyone... The detective is there to take her back to a nice asylum. But he gets run over, stupidly. Or wait, was she hallucinating and didn't really kill anyone...or wait, uh...? WTF? Oh, and check out the very end of the credits, which claim that any animals harmed in the making of the film were already dead when they found them.

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Actor Claim to Fame
Moynan King  
Hollace Starr  
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Sharon Ferranti  

Bryan Cassidy

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