Satan's Little Helper (2004)

Nomination Year: 2006
SYNOPSIS:  It's Halloween. Dougie is a very weird little boy whose fondest wish is to meet Satan in person and be his little helper, just like in his favorite ultra-violent video game. His second-fondest wish is to marry his totally hot older sister Jenna. For some reason his mother and Jenna encourage these warped fantasies. When Big Sis comes home with her new boyfriend, Dougie is jealous. He soon befriends a killer psycho in a Satan costume whom he mistakes for the Devil, and the serial killer and his little helper go off on a mad rampage. And the guy in the costume is so clever, there seems to be no stopping him. I hate to admit it, but this movie was really entertaining.

Smithee Award Winner! "Alas, Poor Yorick"

Be Careful What You Wish For
Daddy's home! But you have to be careful when playing with Dougie. He says, "Satan! Quick! Come spill his guts out!" And voila!

Best One-Liner

Didn't Do Her Nectarines Much Good, Either
Mom (Amanda Plummer) is dressed as Carmen Miranda, complete with fruit-basket on head. Kidnapped by Psycho-Satan and with her mouth taped shut, she's forced to attend the party she and her (dead) husband have been invited to. Satan cruelly leads her -- bop! -- right into the bannister, and some witty partygoer quips: "I think you broke her cherry!"

Crummiest Ending

"It's Jesus! Kick His Ass!"
They know the killer's in the house, dressed as Jesus. They know he's downstairs. What they didn't know is that he KO'd Alex and dressed him up in the costume instead. They kill him by mistake. Then, in classic Bad Horror Movie fashion, the cops arrive -- but it's not really a cop and the bad guy wins. The End.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Alexander Brickel  
Katheryn Winnick  
Amanda Plummer daughter of Christopher (Star Crash) Plummer; "Honey Bunny" in Pulp Fiction 
Joshua Annex  
Director Claim to Fame
Jeff Lieberman  

Bryan Cassidy

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