Good Against Evil (1977)

Nomination Year: 2008
SYNOPSIS:  Ah, the joys of the 1970's failed-television-series-pilot movie. These would be: none.

A young girl is born, and a secret society pledges themselves to Astaroth (Satan) to protect and shelter her, so that when she is older....

She is older. An itinerant author (Dack Rambo) accidentally runs into her car. They fall in love. She sends him away, because every man that she's ever gotten close to has fallen prey to a suspicious accident. He comes back, then they have a wedding date, she vanishes, the church is vandalized, and he ... finally ... becomes suspicious. Especially when a priest just randomly shows up at the house of his old girlfriend Linday (Kim Cattrall), claiming that her daughter is possessed.


Where's the Cameraman?
Someone is surreptitiously snapping pictures of our young lovers on their rendezvous. And he must be pretty much right in front of them (or in a really deep pit with a telephoto lens and a periscope), yet they don't ever seem to notice him.

Worst Cover Copy

A Flaming Lie.
The front cover picture is both misleading and inaccurate. The back cover plot description is outright wrong in some spots, and highly misleading in others.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Dack Rambo twin brother of Dirk Rambo 
Richard Lynch Blond, set himself on fire in 1967 after taking LSD; plays bad guys, usually 
Kim Cattrall Beautiful blonde on HBO's Sex and the City 
Director Claim to Fame
Paul Wendkos  

Kevin Hogan

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