Iguana (1988)
La Iguana

Nomination Year: 2010
SYNOPSIS:  Cursed from birth with a disfiguring scaly skin condition, an outcast sailor rejects society and sets himself up as "king" of a small island. Any shipwrecked sailors he finds are enslaved as his subjects. Eventually, he makes the mistake of kidnapping a picnicking noblewoman and killing her companions. Fortunately for him, she's into the whole dom / sub relationship thing, so after a few months of being chained up and raped, she falls in love with him. Unfortunately, she is a noblewoman, so people come looking for her. Cornered by an armed search party, the woman gives birth to Iguana's child. He takes one look at the kid, says "Don't worry, I won't let you suffer like I did," and wades off into the ocean to drown along with the baby.

The least swashbuckling pirate movie ever.

Worst Cover Copy

Which Cover Do You Believe?
The front and the back covers are at war with one another. The front cover talks about how Iguana was spurned in life, and seeks his revenge on society. The back cover discusses a heartwarming tale of an outcast that will remind viewers of The Elephant Man. Would you care to guess which cover actually saw the movie?

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Everett McGill "Big Ed" from Twin Peaks, series and film 
Michael Madsen Handsome actor who played Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs; Cher's half-brother-in-law 
Director Claim to Fame
Monte Hellman notwithstanding this film, he done good -- directing Two-Lane Blacktop and Baretta 

Matt Quirk

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