Ninja Kill (1987)

Nomination Year: 2008
SYNOPSIS:  Another fine example of Caucasian ninjas in goofy ninja costumes spliced into an otherwise unexceptional Asian martial arts film. A ninjer film.

In a story "by AAV Creative Unit," Richard Harrison (as Ninja Master Gordon) challenges the evil ninjas (lead by mastermind Stuart) in order to keep them from killing some Senators (as we all know, ninjers can never refuse a challenge). Meanwhile, some asian martial artists attempt to defuse an assassination plot on a mayoral candidate by the other mayoral candidate. They fail to stop the assassination, but they do manage to capture the candidate who arranged it all. All this, and several scenes with background music liberally stolen from sounding like Art Of Noise.

"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

Sartorial Senses Tingling...!
Several good guys are creeping along. All of a sudden, one pipes up, "My vest says we're in trouble!" His vest was right.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Richard Harrison best Caucasian Ninja ever! 
Stuart Smith  
Director Claim to Fame
Joseph Lai  
Godfrey Ho possibly directed more Smithee films than anyone else - also known as: Alton Cheung, Tommy Cheung, Ho Chi-Keung, Elton Chong, Daniel Clough, Leong Fui Fong, Antonin Gasner, Martin Greenfield, Godfrey Hall, Zhi Jiang He, Benny Ho, Chi-Mou Ho, Chun-Sing Ho, Fong Ho, York Lam, Bruce Lambert, Charles Lee, Frank Lewis, Joe Livingstone, Jerry Sawyer, Victor Sears, Robert Young, Albert Yu 

Kevin Hogan

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