Monster-a-Go-Go (1965)
Monster A Go-Go
Terror at Halfday

Nomination Year: 2008
SYNOPSIS:  A black-and-white movie shot primarily (a) at night, and (b) with large swathes of silent sequences, which is consequently (c) very boring indeed. All contact is lost with a space capsule, until it crashes to earth one day. There is nobody inside the capsule, but a bizarre radioactive creature is killing people by its mere proximity. Could it be the lost astronaut?

Crummiest Ending

We're in the Sewer along with This Movie.
They are tracking the monster into the sewers, where they hope to get close enough to it ... to do what? Never specified. But they have one end blocked off, and the armed forces (in their radiation suits and armed with Geiger counters) are closing in. Except -- all of a sudden the mysterious radioactive giant is gone. At the same time, the army receives a telegram that the missing astronaut was recovered (non-radioactive and regular-sized) from a life raft in the middle of the North Atlantic. So what was the mysterious killer, and where did it go? (Cue stumbly feet walking superimposed over a background of stars to the tune of "Go! Go! Monster! Go! Go!".) We may never know.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
June Travis primarily worked in the theater 
Henry Hite 7'6¾" tall, "Hite" was his stage name for obvious reasons 
Director Claim to Fame
Bill Rebane Composed the music for The Giant Spider Invasion, which he then exploited in his other films 
Herschell Gordon Lewis one of the Kings of Gore (if not The King of Gore) 

Kevin Hogan

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