Knight Riders (1981)
George A. Romero's Knightriders

Nomination Year: 2008
SYNOPSIS:  I have heard it called a cult classic, and I suppose that depends on your definitions of "cult," "classic," and "is." What I will agree is that this movie is about a travelling renaissance-faire-type troupe who style themselves after Arthur and his knights, and who do their jousting (and other combats) on motorcycles (or sidehacks).

The film is a long (150 minutes or so) meditation on the group's development and personality conflicts, ultimately involving a splinter group and a succession battle.

The motorized combat was fun to watch. The other two hours were a little draggy in spots, but almost all of the major female characters (including Pat Tallman in her first film role) do get topless at one point or other -- so there is that.

Smithee Award Winner! Most Ludicrous Premise

I Dub Thee Sir Rides-a-Hawg!
These two clips demonstrate the central premise of Knight Riders. The characters wear renaissance-type clothing, and they have their royal court, and they sell cheap trinkets, and so on. But ... they ride motorcycles instead of horses.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Ed Harris played "John Glenn" in The Right Stuff, "Jackson Pollock" in Pollock, and also "Ludwig van Beethoven" in Copying Beethoven 
Tom Savini The tracker in Django Unchained 
Patricia Tallman "Lyta Alexander" in Babylon 5 
John Amplas  
Amanda Davies  
Ken Foree  
Stephen King has written many stories that became Smithee nominees over the years ... as well as some good stuff 
Director Claim to Fame
George A. Romero Night of the Living Dead was his first film (written & directed), and he has never looked back ... because he knows what's chasing him 

Kevin Hogan

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