The Monster of Camp Sunshine  (1964)
Monster at Camp Sunshine
Monster of Camp Sunshine
Nomination Year: 2009
SYNOPSIS: Not your standard "Monster in the Nudist Camp" movie, as there's not really a monster, and it's not much of a nudist camp.

Martha and Claire are roommates -- Claire is a model, and Martha's a nurse at a research lab. One day, Martha accidentally knocks some chemicals into a rat cage, and the rats get loose and attack her. They are so vicious that they seem to almost be flung at her as if by someone off-camera. They even (kinda/sorta) knock her out of a window. This traumatizes Martha to point where Claire suggests that they both spend a relaxing weekend at Camp Sunshine, a nudist camp owned by a friend of theirs, Susan.

Meanwhile, Martha's boss (the scientist) decides to safely dispose of the strange chemical mixture while he whips up an antidote. So he throws it into the nearest large body of water. It is eventually fished out by a fisherman, and ends up spilled into the river that feeds the lake at Camp Sunshine. The gardener (Hugo, Susan's simple-minded brother) drinks the water, and goes crazy. His sister locks him up, and closes down the camp.

So when Claire and Martha (and Claire's fashion photographer and his girlfriend) show up at the camp to meet Susan, it's been shut down for a while. The timeline is fuzzier than a kiwi.

Everyone romps around in various states of undress, Hugo escapes with an axe, Martha gets injured and calls her scientist almost-boyfriend, who rushes to the camp with the antidote, meanwhile Susan has called some local military people, who arrive in a grotesque orgy of stock footage. It's all very confusing, and then suddenly Hugo's dead, and we get to see the film recapped out of sequence. There are also gratuitous (almost random) intertitle cards, in a font so florid and thin as to be nearly illegible on my television.
Kevin Hogan
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Smithee Award Winner!MegaMetaSmithee Award Winner! "WHAT?!"
The Charge of the Stock Footage Brigade
The local miliatary commander has been called in to help deal with the "monster." Luckily for all concerned, he has access to a great deal of stock footage.

The "monster" ducks left. The local military commander points. GIs land at Normandy. The scientist tries to get the military to lay off, since he's got an antidote. The photographer grabs a pistol and starts shooting. The "monster" ducks right. Anti-aircraft shells explode in the night. A half-naked woman tries to ... look decorative, I guess. GIs scramble under barbed wire. The cavalry rides in. The "monster" looks around in confusion. Etc. Etc.

This sort of thing goes on for five minutes before the "monster" is finally (blessedly, for us) killed.
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Director Claim to Fame
Ferenc Leroget widely suspected to be a pseudonym, but if so, nobody knows who the writer/director of this film really was 
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Natalie Drest <Not Yet in Database> there is no actor<>character correlation for this film's credits 
Angela Evans <Not Yet in Database> there is no actor<>character correlation for this film's credits 
Sally Parfait <Not Yet in Database> there is no actor<>character correlation in this film's credits 
Deborah Spray <Not Yet in Database> there is no actor<>character correlation in this film's credits 
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