Nemesis 3 (1996)
Nemesis 3: Timelapse
Nemesis III: Prey Harder

Nomination Year: 2007
SYNOPSIS:  As we saw in Nemesis 2, "DNA human" (whatever that means) Alex is being hunted by time traveling cyborgs bent on killing her. And, if you didn't see Nemesis 2, that's okay, because the first 30 minutes of the movie is almost entirely Nemesis 2 flashbacks. Then there's about 10 minutes of real-time action, after which the rest of the movie is a flashback to the first half of the events that took place between the end of Nemesis 2 and the start of Nemesis 3. The first half? Right -- the rest of the flashback will be in Nemesis 4. Argh!


Oh, Those Cyborgs!
"Keep your eyes open." Or not.
The cyborg sneaks up on the two guys, and Johnny was looking right at her!

Smithee Award Winner! "Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw"

He's a Sport-Hunter
The evil cyborg boss (Tim Thomerson) does not take well to constructive criticism. He shows his displeasure repeatedly.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Sue Price Nemesis 2 through 4 are the complete arc of her film career to date.... 
Tim Thomerson Probably Full Moon's shining star; starred in Dollman and Trancers
Norbert Weisser  
Debbie Muggli  
Ursula Sarcev  
Director Claim to Fame
Albert Pyun Director who seems to have a "thing" for tech/android/cyborg movies: Cyborg, the Nemesis series, Omega Doom, and others 

Greg Pearson

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