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Blood Tide (1982)
Demon Island
The Red Tide

Nomination Year: 2007
SYNOPSIS:  A small island somewhere off the coast of Greece apparently still clings to its tradition of virgin sacrifice. To what? Some kind of sea-creature who lives in the grottoes beneath the island. Martin (Steele Justice) Kove plays Neil Grice. He and his girlfriend come to the island seeking his long-lost sister. She's there, all right, shacked up with undersea salvage expert Frye (James Earl Jones). José Ferrer puts in an appearance as the leader of the suspicious folk on the island. Prospector Frye decides to use a little plastique on that walled-up section of the underwater treasure cave he's discovered. It isn't long before the (very hot, might I add) sister falls more and more into some kind of wacky trance and wants nothing more than to sacrifice herself. Lots of star power here, but the movie sinks faster and lower than the grottoes themselves.

"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

It May Be Shakespeare, But It Ain't Shakespeare
People on the island, including James Earl Jones, are a little suspicious of the newcomers. Here, he greets his potential captives with a knife and a completely incomprehensible bout of Shakespeare.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
James Earl Jones Once the voice of "Darth Vader," now the voice of CNN and AT&T 
José Ferrer George Clooney's uncle 
Martin Kove This bulbous-nosed slab of meat plays the beefy guy in almost EVERYTHING; you're almost certain to have seen him (e.g., as "Nero the Hero" in Death Race 2000
Lila Kedrova Won Best Supporting Actress in '64 for "Madame Hortense" in Alexis Zorbas 
Deborah Shelton Played "Mandy Winger" on Dallas 
Mary Louise Weller  
Lydia Cornell  
Annabel Schofield Supermodel 
Director Claim to Fame
Richard Jefferies Wrote Cold Creek Manor 

Bryan Cassidy

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