Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)
Graveyard Tramps

Nomination Year: 2007
SYNOPSIS:  Ah, a true "B" Movie cult classic. And well deserved. I truly wish there had been a better Premise Clip, but we had to let it go. Said premise? A female geneticist Went Too Far and started turning all the region's women into her mind-controlled drones, with only one thing on their minds: Mate...and kill! How do they kill? By extreme sexual exhaustion, what else?

"Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

The Lifecycle of the Bee Girl
Here we see, in exquisite detail, how a Bee Girl is built. Er, made. Around the 56-58-minute mark, they add the creamy topping. Then, at about 1:00:00, the other Bee Girls start to touch themselves. It's all an essential part of the process. Really.

Worst Science

Genetics for Dummies, by Dummies
The hero has to find a way to stop the Bee Girls. So the remaining scientists (one cooperative, the other not so much) give him an enlightening lesson in genetics and hormones. Also, wrong.

Acting Appropriately Stupid

Come into My Office, Said the Queen Bee to the Fly
The Queen Bee asks our heroine to come to her office so she can explain everything: I know you know I'm evil and all, but if you'll just come to my office and sit down with me, everything will be clear. You don't have to wait for your State Department boyfriend. Just come, okay? "You'll be safe; you're a woman."

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
William Smith NOT Will Smith. This guy is a big bruiser who played "Falconetti" in Rich Man, Poor Man and fought with Clint Eastwood in Any Which Way You Can 
Anitra Ford One of the original Price Is Right models 
Victoria Vetri AKA Angela Dorian, was 1968 Playmate of the Year and played "Isis" in that Star Trek episode 
Cliff Osmond  
Wright King  
Ben Hammer Plays a lot of judges and cops (like on Law & Order
Director Claim to Fame
Denis Sanders Brother of Oscar-winning documentarian Terry Sanders 

Bryan Cassidy

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