Legacy of Blood (1971)
Blood Legacy
Blutige Verschwörung

Nomination Year: 2007
SYNOPSIS:  This is one that I only watched because it was on the same DVD as Death By Dialogue. I was not disappointed, it was more than worthy of inclusion. When stinking rich Mr. Dean (John Carradine) died, he left his fortune to his family, whom he hated and who hate each other. There were only two catches: They all had to spend at least one week together in the house. If anyone died (what are the odds?), the fortune would be divided amongst the survivors. And if they all died (what are the odds?), the fortune would go to the servants -- a haggish maid named Elga and a demented manservant named Igor. Hmmm...

Smithee Award Winner! "Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

Conversations in the Kitchen
One of the brothers taunts the weird butler Igor, saying "we'll play checkers on your back." Huh?
Igor then goes into a bizarre speech, saying "We must first know what cruel is." Huh??
The maid's reply: "You want a cookie with your milk?" Huh???


Johnny Has a Flashback
A bizarre flashback, even for flashbacks. John Carradine beats his as-old-as-he-is-looking son with a cane ... or tries to. Igor (dressed as an organ grinder's monkey) gets in the way, and enjoys it too much. Amid smoke. And laughter. And weirdness.

Crummiest Ending

The Butler DIDN'T Do It
In a nutshell: Dean is still alive. He killed everyone else. But then the servants drop a shelf on him and the two remaining "protagonists." Then, a cold glass of milk. Then...the REAL "surprise ending." Complete with incongruously goofy music.

Worst Acting

Why Can't Johnny Act?
This is the most egregious example of Johnny's acting. "Daaaady. Daaaaady ... is dead," followed by "andtheandtheandtheandtheHATE!" Afterward, much like I did, he runs screaming from the room.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
John Carradine Shakespearean actor, his deep voice is instantly recognizable, as is his presence in many mediocre horror films toward the end of his career 
Richard Davalos Father of actress Alyssa and grandfather of actress Alexa Davalos 
John Smith  
Buck Kartalian "Dynamite" in Cool Hand Luke and "Julius" in Planet of the Apes 
Ivy Bethune "Ma Peabody" from Back to the Future (wife of the farmer who shoots the shotgun at Marty) 
Faith Domergue  
Jeff Morrow  
John Russell  
Director Claim to Fame
Carl Monson The driving force behind Please Don't Eat My Mother 

Bryan Cassidy

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