Night of the Blood Beast (1958)
The Creature from Galaxy 27
The Monster from Galaxy 27

Nomination Year: 2007
SYNOPSIS:  A quintessential howler of a '50s Sci-Fi flick. Scientists who tried to be the first to send a man into space fail, and the rocket comes crashing to Earth, killing the lone astronaut. Or is he dead? Though without a pulse or respiration, the body is still normal temperature and does not decay or show signs of rigor mortis. What gives?

What gives is that an alien hitched a ride back from orbit and impregnated the astronaut with Sea Monkeys. All in the name of peace. Peace? To hell with that! The square-jawed '50s heroes blast the crap out of the alien and all go home happy.

Stupidest-Looking Monster

Coming out of the Closet
"Why not?"
"THAT'S why not."
The space monster comes out of the closet (hey, it did impregnate a man after all) and menaces the group. Or ... maybe vice-versa. They kick its alien ass. Either way, it's pretty Stupid-Looking.

Worst Science

And I Get Lots of Anytime Minutes, Too!
"I can communicate through photosynthesis!"
Yay! Now if only we could hear CO2 molecules combining into sugars, we'd be all set!

Worst Cover Copy

Night of the Sex-Crazed Blood Beast from a Different Movie
See the stuff on that cover? Never happened. No scantily-clad cavewomen. Or scantily-clad women of any kind, for that matter. It was never after girls, as the cover implies -- it impregnated a MAN, for goshsakes! (It briefly attacked a woman once, but she just happened to be closest.) Nobody was decapitated during the film (though the head scientist was killed, he was the only one). Oh, and the biggie: The movie is in Black & White, despite all the full-color stills on the package.

Worst Special Effect

Vengeance of the Space Chimps
The fluoroscope (which doesn't need power, thanks to the hard radiation it continually puts out) shows what's inside the astronaut: Sea Monkeys! Okay, alien embryo Sea Monkeys, but hey.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
John Baer  
Angela Greene Used to be Jack Kennedy's girlfriend 
Ed Nelson  
Georgianna Carter  
Michael Emmet  
Tyler McVey  
Ross Sturlin primarily played the monster/creature/beast 
Director Claim to Fame
Bernard L. Kowalski  

Bryan Cassidy

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