Evil Remains (2004)

Nomination Year: 2009
SYNOPSIS:  To quote Roger Ebert, I hated hated hated this movie. The transitions were pretentious, the characters had no motivations apart from "because the script says so," and the whole movie was dark (literally -- it was hard to see anything indoors anywhere) and reddish (?!).

An ancient evil may or may not have happened at a certain Louisiana plantation during the slave-owning era. Twenty years ago, a boy killed his father with shears and burned his mother alive. Although nobody has lived there since, the house still stands (and shows no sign of fire damage). A cocky (and obnoxious) graduate student convinces four of his buddies to accompany him to this place in order to debunk the myth. Instead, the myth debunks them. Four years later, there's a particularly stupid coda involving a psychologist from the beginning of the movie.

I purchased this movie for one cent plus shipping, and I regret not using that penny for something more entertaining -- like dropping it from a tall building.

Worst Cover Copy

Sir Not Appearing In This Film
The ugly guy with the bloody sickle on the front cover? Not in the film. The two actresses on the front cover? Not in the film. The house on the front cover is in the film, although there's certainly no light spilling out of anywhere in this movie. The back cover plot description is accurate in its marginal way.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Maryam d'Abo  
Will Rokos nominated for an Oscar as writer of Monster's Ball ... then immediately went on to do this 
Daniel Gillies played "John Jameson" in Spider-Man 2, then immediately went on to do this 
Director Claim to Fame
James Merendino also wrote and scored Evil Remains 

Kevin Hogan

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