Devil Girl From Mars (1954)

Nomination Year: 2009
SYNOPSIS:  Can you tell that this movie was based on a stageplay? Yes, yes you can. The action pretty much entirely takes place in a small inn up in the Scottish Highlands on one stormy night.

A pair of researchers are heading for a report of a flying saucer when they get lost and the weather forces them to stop at a small inn. Meanwhile, a man has escaped from prison and is hiding out at the same inn. There are also a few guests with mysterious pasts whose backstories are either not examined or are irrelevant.

A flying saucer (accompanied by a truly annoying shrill noise) appears, and the inhabitants of the Inn are confronted by its crew ... Nyah, the Martian Woman in Leather! And a robot that exists as mobile set dressing.

The Martians had a devastating war between the sexes, and their numbers are in decline, so Nyah has been sent to take back Earth men as fertility slaves. Unfortunately, these Earth men all object to the plan, and attempt to destroy her flying craft.

I have to think that if she had chosen Rio de Janeiro instead of London (she was aiming for London but missed), the Martians would have had a more successful time of it.

Worst Science

Condensity? Just how condense do you think I am?
Nyah is explaining to the old scientist how her spaceship of living metal is powered: the nuclear fission runs on a negative condensity, so that instead of exploding outwards, it explodes inwards. Which leads to perpetual motion. Of course.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Adrienne Corri went from fare like this to Dr. Zhivago and A Clockwork Orange 
Director Claim to Fame
David MacDonald  

Kevin Hogan

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