New World Disorder (1999)

Nomination Year: 2008
SYNOPSIS:  Two computer programmers create an unbreakable encryption system. Unfortunately, no sooner do they finish than the company they work for is held up by thieves who steal a fortune in microchips and all the data off the corporate mainframe, igniting a chase between the criminals and various others to secure the data. Investigating the theft are computerphobic homicide detective Rutger Hauer and a beautiful young FBI computer crimes agent. Hijinks ensue. At least, for values of "hijinks" that aren't funny, romantic, or otherwise in any way entertaining.

"Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw"

The Right Tool for the Job
What's the best way to get through a set of glass double doors? Right! Bazooka!

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Rutger Hauer Very blond, ruggedly handsome action star who played the main android in Blade Runner 
Andrew McCarthy is he better known for Pretty in Pink? Mannequin? Weekend at Bernie's? I can pretty much guarantee he's not best known for this.... 
John Sharian "Wisconsin taxi driver" in Love, Actually 
Director Claim to Fame
Richard Spence  

Greg Pearson

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