Kill Squad (1982)
Code of Honor

Nomination Year: 2008
SYNOPSIS:  As their officer in Viet Nam, Joe saved the lives of his squad. Years later, when a home invasion leaves his wife dead and him paralyzed, they reassemble to track down the people behind the attack. But... oh, who cares? This is the martial arts version of a porn movie -- a non-stop series of martial arts fight scenes with a bare minimum of stupid plot to pad them out. More to the point, the Kill Squad fights: Tool and die factory workers, gym rats, pimps, a garden party, bilked investors, construction workers, cowboys, steel workers, cement plant workers, used car salesmen, the cowboys who survived the earlier fight, a ninja, a pool party, and the ninja again.

Kill Squad consists of two scenes.

In the first half, we see a Squad member at his place of work. Some event of a varying level of credibility causes him to get in a martial arts fight with his co-workers/customers/business rivals. He wins. The other Squad members who have been introduced so far show up and tell him Joe is in trouble. He offers to help. Someone says, "Great. Now we just need to find [next character]." Someone else says, "I know where to find him." Cut to next Squad member at his place of work. Repeat six times.

In the second half, they're tracking down the people who attacked Joe. They know the leader is named Dutch, but they only have the name of an Intermediary. They go to the Intermediary's place of work, go up to the first person they see, and ask to talk to the Intermediary. The co-worker points and says, "he's over there." They go up to him and tell him they're looking for Dutch. He says he doesn't know any Dutch and runs away. They chase him. His co-workers come to his defense. A martial arts fight ensues. The Squad wins. They take the beaten Intermediary and ask him where to find Dutch. He says, "I don't talk to Dutch directly. I only deal with [person] who works at [location]." A sniper appears on the top of a nearby water tower and shoots Intermediary and one of the Squad members. The surviving Squad members sadly take the dog tags from their fallen comrade. Repeat six times.

That's the entire movie. Pretty much any scene is interchangeable with any other.


Jackie Chan He's Not
A member of the Kill Squad uses a street lamp to attack a gang of toughs. In a Jackie Chan movie, this would be amusing. Actually, it's amusing in this movie, too. Just in a different way.

Smithee Award Winner! Acting Appropriately Stupid

Shooting Himself in the Foot -- No, Really!
The tool and die worker shoots himself in the foot. This is not a figure of speech. Also, it's clear that Joe's wife hated Larry not because he's black, but because she didn't want to be seen with someone with that afro.

Worst Picture

Kill Squad vs. Garden Party
A member of the Kill Squad takes on a garden party. I particularly like how the housewives attack him, too. I should also note that each of the six members of the Kill Squad are introduced in similar scenes that vary only by their location.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Francisco Ramírez assistant fight choreographer for Omega Cop 
Cameron Mitchell a preacher's son, he chose a darker path for his life 
Sean P. Donahue fight choreographer for Tail Sting 
Patrick G. Donahue wrote & directed Kill Squad 
Director Claim to Fame
Patrick G. Donahue father of Sean P. Donahue, in case you were wondering about the apparent nepotism ... it's actual nepotism 

Greg Pearson

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