Dirty Partners (1974)
Conman and the Kung Fu Kid
From China with Death
Lang Bei Wei Jian
Wits to Wits

Nomination Year: 2008
SYNOPSIS:  Two ne'er-do-well transients, a charming conman in a white suit and a street tough with a bad hat, arrive in town with plans to steal gold bullion from the local bank. After tripping over each other and foiling each other's plans, they team up, enlist the help of a local casino manager, and steal the gold. They double-cross the casino manager and each other, only to find that the gold is fake and they've all been set up to cover embezzlement by the bank manager. Many fights with each other, casino goons, bank goons, and the police ensue.

Inane Dialogue

Either That or M-80s and Pebbles
"They've got guns!"
What was your first clue, when your guards told you they had guns or when they started shooting at you?

Acting Appropriately Stupid

The Penalty for Tattling Is Death
"I'll tell the police on you." Bang!

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Ma Wu  
Corey Yuen  
Director Claim to Fame
Ma Wu more often an actor than a director, although roles such as "Pissing Man" in Half a Loaf of Kung Fu are not necessarily something for the resume 

Greg Pearson

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