Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero (1995)
Assault at Ground Zero
Ground Zero
Zero Control

Nomination Year: 2008
SYNOPSIS:  World Kickboxing Champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson (he's actually credited that way in the opening credits -- including the "World Kickboxing Champion" part!) stars in this Roger Corman film about terrorists who take over a nuclear weapons silo. After the terrorists kill the base's staff and hack into the computer, the only one left on the base is Don, an Air Force courier who was unaccounted for in the terrorists' plans because he's two hours late after stopping to apply first aid to a wounded rabbit. Fortunately, Don is an ex-special-forces commando quite capable of taking on the terrorists by himself despite the interference of a pointlessly obstructive general. Best of all, unlike certain other Don "The Dragon" Wilson movies I could name, this one has actual kickboxing!


Is That an Assault Rifle, or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
Guard doesn't notice guy walking up to him carrying an assault rifle.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Don Wilson "The Dragon"; he can kickbox, not that you'd know it from most of his film appearances 
Marcus Aurelius This cannot be his real name, unless he's REALLY old. 
Michael Blanks Brother of Tae-Bo master and bad actor, Billy 
Ed Crick  
Steve Garvey Was a big-time baseball player in the '70s & '80s 
Jonathan Fuller  
Randall Shiro Ideishi  
Howard Jackson one-man film bridge between Don "The Dragon" Wilson (Bloodfist VI) and Rudy Ray Moore (Avenging Disco Godfather
Michael McDonald  
Director Claim to Fame
Rick Jacobson was the key grip on Time Burst: The Final Alliance, which is proof (of sorts) that there is a ladder in Bad Movies, and that it can be climbed 

Greg Pearson

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