The Bloody Brood (1959)

Nomination Year: 2008
SYNOPSIS:  Peter Falk is Nico. A Beatnik who, after witnessing a death, decides he likes the existentialism of the thing and develops a taste for more. A sort of pre-Hitchcock version of Rope, without Hitchcock's, well, talent and expertise. He philosophizes and acts coooool, baby. The actors in this turkey aren't beat, but they ought to be.


Can You Hear Me Now? Too Bad.
Sorry, but those bongo sounds are simply not coming from your hands.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Peter Falk Best known as TV's Colombo 
Barbara Lord mother of actor Patrick Warburton 
Director Claim to Fame
Julian Roffman also wrote & produced The Glove 

Bryan Cassidy

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