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The Bloody Brood  (1959)
(Foreign Titles)
Tagline(s):Your Shocked Eyes Will See It...
Your Stunned Mind Won't Believe It.
 Violence Struck with Such Frightening Force!
 Shock-Story of the "D" Generation
 The Jolt of the Year!
 Shock-Story of the D-Generation!
 The Doomed! The Damned! The Decent!
 Your shocked eyes will see it... your stunned mind won't believe it... Never before... has vice and violence struck with such frightening force!
Nomination Year: 2008

Peter Falk is Nico. Nico is a Beatnik who, after witnessing a death, decides he likes the existentialism of the thing and develops a taste for more. A sort of pre-Hitchcock version of Rope, without Hitchcock's, well, talent and expertise. He philosophizes and acts coooool, baby.

The actors in this turkey aren't really beat, but they ought to be.

Bryan Cassidy
Smithee Award Nominations
Can You Hear Me Now? Too Bad.
Sorry, but those bongo sounds are simply not coming from your hands.
Director Claim to Fame
Julian Roffman Also wrote and produced The Glove. And directed The Mask; no, not the good Jim Carrey blockbuster, a stupid 1961 failed gimmicky horror flick. 
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Peter Falk Nico Beloved squinchy-eyed and gravel-voiced short actor who tends to play detectives/PIs, best known as TV's "Colombo," but has been in many (dramatic and comedic) roles: The Grandfather in The Princess Bride; Sam Diamond in Murder by Death; Daniel O'Brien on "The Trials of O'Brien"; a cabbie in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World; and many others. 
Barbara Lord Ellie Bit actress on TV shows from the '50s through the '80s. Mother of actor Patrick Warburton. 
Jack Betts Cliff Henry Balkan in Spider-Man; Butler in 8MM; the judge in Office Space; the golfer Frank in Falling Down
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