The Female Bunch (1969)
A Time To Run

Nomination Year: 2011
Here's the story,
Of a girl named Sandy,
Who was tired of those stupid awful men.
So she moved out to a ranch,
With some women,
And she was happy then.

Here's the story,
Of a guy named just Jim,
Whose best buddy was branded with a cross.
The buddy went out
and got himself killed
by Grace, who was the boss.

And then Sandy ran across Jim out in the barn,
and she knew that he wasn't there for brunch.
So those two,
Tried to escape from the ranch,
That's the start of the film called The Female Bunch,
The Female Bunch - The Female Bunch -
That's the start - and end - of The Female Bunch.

Inane Dialogue

Welcome to the Cave of the Inanities!
Sandy is leading an injured man into a cave so they can hide. "We're safe now," she says. Strike one. "I think we lost them." Strike two. "Your shoulder looks bad." ...At least she didn't say, "You've been shot!"

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Russ Tamblyn long film and television career (he'll be a Jet to his dying day - West Side Story); father of actress Amber Tamblyn 
Jennifer Bishop  
Lon Chaney, Jr. most well known as "The Wolfman" in the series of Universal horror movies 
Leslie McRae  
Regina Carrol married to noted B-movie director Al Adamson 
Albert Cole  
Megan Timothy  
Director Claim to Fame
Al Adamson His body was found buried under his freshly laid cement and tile bathroom.

His murderer posed as him using his clothes and credit cards at a hotel in Florida while on the run.

Disturbingly enough, his murderer was not familiar with work. 

Kevin Hogan

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