Nude for Satan  (1974)
Nuda per Satana
Nomination Year: 2010
SYNOPSIS: The movie begins with a crash car -- or maybe it's two car crashes. A man and woman, strangers to each other, end up in a large house near where they've crashed. But they are not alone. Evil duplicates of each are also present, attempting to seduce the good version of the other. There is also a butler, who might (or might not) be The Devil. The whole thing is pretentious, and makes very little sense -- until the ending, at which point it ceases to make sense at all.
Kevin Hogan
Smithee Award Nominations
Smithee Award Winner!MegaMetaSmithee Award Winner! "Wanna Run That By Me Again?"
Now now or Just Then now?
The Alternate Susan (...or is she?) rambles about time, and then closes with this request: "Don't think about the past or the present ... just think about now."
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Stupidest-Looking Monster
Two-bit spider for a two-bit film.
Oh no! Susan is being menaced by a large spider whose body seems to be made of modeling clay (or possibly a potato wrapped in toilet paper), and its legs of pipe cleaners. Its eyes are red. Oh no!
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"Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"
A Shady Beginning.
Even before the opening credits have really gotten started, we have a shot of a naked woman running through the forest. In slow motion. Right across the shadow of the camera man.
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Director Claim to Fame
Luigi Batzella did a lot of "second unit" directing 
Actor Character Claim to Fame
Rita Calderoni <Not Yet in Database>  
Stelio Candelli <Not Yet in Database>  
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