Mr. Ice Cream Man (1991)

Nomination Year: 2012
SYNOPSIS:  It seems a universal truth that little kids will flock to the ting-a-ling tones of the ice cream truck ("ICE CREAM MAN!"), which makes for a perfect creepy serial killer movie. Enter Mr. Ice Cream Man.

As a note, check out the credits or just keep reading because I'll outline what I'm talking about pretty soon anyway. Writer: Mack Hail and Jim Mills. Director: Mack Hail. Lead good guy: Jim Mills. Lead bad guy: Mack Hail. Executive producers: Mack Hail and Jim Mills. Yeeeeeeeah. One of those kind of movies. It also doesn't help that the movie looks extra happy SHARP! and DETAILED! and slightly fish-eyed (which really isn't the look a shapely woman wants applied to her hinder as she walks away from the camera).

Oddly, they didn't commit some of the basic newbie camera faux pas like we were expecting them to. No cameraman was ever caught reflected in a shiny surface despite the numerous chances that appeared for him to do so. They also did a decent job of filming in the dark so we could still see what was going on.

The Ice Cream Man was ... weirdly mesmerizingly creepy. What does it say that The (creepy homicidal child-stalking) Ice Cream Man became our favorite character? The Good Humor Man gone totally, utterly wrong (or as Kevin quipped, "He's like the Pillsbury Doughboy of Evil").

This was not a great movie, and it wasn't an awesomely-fun Smithee movie, but it was amusing to watch.

The most important thing we learned from this movie was that there is indeed a difference in taste between Tahitian-vanilla-flavored ice cream, Mexican-vanilla-flavored ice cream, and Bourbon-vanilla-flavored ice cream.

Worst Cover Copy

We've got it covered. For certain values of "it."
The front cover is a low-resolution composited shot. There are important details on the back cover that don't actually occur in the movie. Plot points do not belong on your cover and nowhere else....

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Jim Mills this is his only Acting credit in imdb, and thank goodness for that 
Mack Hail also directed Mr. Ice Cream Man 
Director Claim to Fame
Mack Hail played "Mr. Ice Cream Man" in the film of the same title; was good at the creepy 

Jeannette Quirk

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