The Alpha Incident (1978)
The Alien Incident
Gift from a Red Planet

Nomination Year: 2009
Slow + Tedious = This.

While it was being transported to a safe location, an alien virus transmitted via touch has gotten loose at a backwater train station (thanks to a greedy and clumsy old coot who wanted a peek at the train's "secret cargo" to see if it were worth stealin'). Now five people are quarantined in the stationhouse, and if they fall asleep, their heads will explode (no, really!). Whoops, make that four people. I mean three. Well, you get the idea.

"Wanna Run That By Me Again?"

Slow News Day
Extra! Read all about it!
Low-Flying Pigeon Swoops Down and Shits All Over Railroad Cargo!

Acting Appropriately Stupid

First name Jack, Last name Ass
Jack breaks quarantine for no good reason, then tells the gun-toting guy that he "ain't got the guts" to shoot him.

Crummiest Ending

The ending ticks me off!
A helicopter drops pills containing an antidote. Jack takes one, and it turns out to be cyanide. This leaves Dr Sorenson as the only one left alive. He rages a bit, then.... The sun breaks through the blinds. It's the next morning. He's not dead! He wasn't infected! He's alive! At this point, the government sniper in the hazmat suit shoots him dead. The frame freezes, and we hear a clock ticking. It ticks all through the end credits, and long after the screen has faded to black.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Stafford Morgan had smaller roles in big-budget sequels (Another 48 Hours, Die Hard II
John F. Goff  
George Flower quite possibly appeared in more Smithee films than anyone else, ever ... also wrote The Bikini Carwash Company 
Ralph Meeker  
Paul Bentzen  
Harry Youstos  
Director Claim to Fame
Bill Rebane Composed the music for The Giant Spider Invasion, which he then exploited in his other films 

Kevin Hogan

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