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Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus (1995)
Beastmaster 3
Beastmaster: The Eye of Braxus

Nomination Year: 1997
SYNOPSIS:  A dying maleficent sorcerer (David Warner) is trying to unleash Braxus, a demon-god from whom he hopes to reap the reward of eternal life. But first, the sorcerer needs the three pieces to The Eye of Braxus. He sends his minions far and wide to collect them. The minions run afoul of Dar the Beastmaster and his new-found friends, who piece together what's going on. They try to stop the summoning, but fail. Now Dar and Company must face the power of Braxus himself! If Braxus is not stopped here, his unspeakable evil will cover the world!

Smithee Award Winner! Oblivious

Perhaps Ferrets Are Sacred in Their Culture
When captured by some savage tribesmen, Dar and his companion are tied down in the open, in bright sun, and surrounded by whooping warriors. Along come Dar's two pet ferrets, who proceed to merrily chew through the ropes without even an attempt to be furtive about it -- yet nobody notices.

Smithee Award Winner! Stupidest-Looking Monster

Separated at Hatching?
Somebody must've seen one too many episodes of "Dinosaurs," 'cause "Braxus" looks like just like the main character George Sinclair on a bad day. Or maybe three parts Sinclair, one part "Barney."

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Marc Singer Dar the Beastmaster and Mike Donovan on V 
David Warner Though usually talented, you can find this elegant Brit almost anywhere. Guess he's not too discriminating about his roles. 
Lesley-Anne Down Georgina in Upstairs, Downstairs and roles in other later TV miniseries 
Tony Todd  
J.D. Hall "Braxus" and also does voices 
Sandra Hess Sonya Blade in the second Mortal Kombat film 
Dar Thompson Ironic, isn't it, that there really was someone named "Dar" in the cast? 
Casper Van Dien "Lt. Johnny Rico" in Starship Troopers
Patrick Kilpatrick  
Director Claim to Fame
Gabrielle Beaumont Directed a lot of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes 

Bryan Cassidy

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