Unknown World (1951)
Night Without Stars
To the Center of the Earth

Nomination Year: 2009
SYNOPSIS:  Since it's inevitable that some global disaster will befall humanity (especially at the rate they're going), and since nobody has ever thought of space travel, the world's greatest minds conclude that the only safe place to preserve the human race is under the Earth's surface. 'Cause it's hollow, see. An exploratory fact-finding mission would set out immediately...if only they could get the funding. Eventually they do, thanks to a rich, bored jerk who of course insists on tagging along. Jules Verne then commences to spin in his grave. Which, hey, is right there!

Smithee Award Winner! Worst Science

"A What?!"
The interior of the Earth is made up of air pockets, fissures, and avenues. And the latest theory states that the inside of a sphere is always cooler than its surface. And they'll get there in a cyclo-tranni-batho-whatnot. The financier's reaction is priceless.

Best One-Liner

You Just Don't Listen to What Comes out of Your Own Mouth, Do You?
The rich jerk has produced a newsreel detailing the scientists' abysmal failures to get funding. He asks what they think.
Lead Scientist: "It's like asking a man what he thinks of his own obituary."
Rich Jerk: "Oh, I thought you'd like to see it!"
Then, a little later...
Scientist: "So he [your father] is the villain of the piece and you're the hero."
Rich Jerk: "Quite the contrary!"

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Jim Bannon  
Director Claim to Fame
Terry O. Morse the American director of the original Godzilla film 

Bryan Cassidy

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