City Ninja (1985)
Rocky's Love Affairs
Tou Qing Ke

Nomination Year: 2009
SYNOPSIS:  We follow (or not) the careers of two (or three) up-and-coming Kung Fu/kickboxers/street fighters who want to be the best there is. One refuses to play ball with the local organized crime powers-that-be. But he's eventually forced to. Others succumb sooner. At least I think that's what the film is about. It's one of the most goshdarned convoluted chop-sockey plotlines I've ever come across, with slow-chasing ninjas that explode when you hit them, nearly identical-looking protagonists with multiple girlfriends, Chinese guys in red wigs, lots of gratuitious nudity, and very little in the way of explanation. There wasn't much "city" in it, either. Lots of exotic location shots.


What?! You're Pregnant?!
She takes his hand and rubs it on her abdomen, and asks, "Do you know how long it is before you can feel the baby's heartbeat?" One would assume, as I did, that he already knew. But nope, he just says "I dunno. I've never had a baby." Then she tells him she's pregnant. He does a wild take and goes "WHAT?!"

"Let's Up The Rating To 'R'"

And in This Corner, Wearing No Trunks at All...
They do it on every piece of gym equipment there is. Now that's what I call a workout.


My Girlfriend Style Will Defeat You!
He uses his girlfriend as an unwilling weapon!

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Wai-Man Chan  
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Yueng Chuen Bong only credit in imdb 

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