The Nightmare Never Ends (1980)
Satan's Supper

Nomination Year: 2009
SYNOPSIS:  And a more aptly-titled film there never was. The Devil is slumming around Earth in the guise of a young and creepy/handsome socialite. An old Jew recognizes him as the commandant from a Nazi death camp decades ago, and enlists the help of the cop across the hall. Meanwhile, in Hardly-Related Plotline B, the Devil seeks to corrupt Dr. Hansen, a pious woman, through her atheistic husband (played by Richard Moll), an author who pens intellectualist, anti-religious books. A crazy ex-priest tries to warn the Hansens. As Lucifer slowly kills the rest of the cast around her, Dr. Hansen finally gets the better of the fiend and, with the help of a girl he'd apparently mind-controlled, tries to cut out the evil once and for all.

Worst Acting

I Tawt I Taw Wucifer! I Did! I Did Taw Wucifer! (Faith Clift as Dr Hansen)
Wow. It starts bad, climaxes with "Someone is twying to weach me!" and finishes with: "Warn you about what?" sigh "The Devil." Yep, that zany Devil is up to his old tricks, the scallawag.

Worst Picture

Open Heart Surgery
Oooookay. How to describe it? I'll try. Here goes. She runs over the Devil in her car, pulls him (okay, a dummy) off the car roof and stuffs him in her trunk, then takes him to her operating room for a little unauthorized open-heart surgery (complete with Stock Footage of same). She cuts out his heart and stuffs it in the microwave. Unfortunately -- surprise! Satan is able to switch bodies with the nurse. The whole cast dies. Evil wins. The end.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Cameron Mitchell a preacher's son, he chose a darker path for his life 
Faith Clift  
Richard Moll Best known as "Bull" from Night Court; stands 6'8" 
Director Claim to Fame
Phillip Marshak  
Tom McGowan  
Gregg C. Tallas wrote the 1950 Prehistoric Women, also film editor on the late Marx Brothers film A Night in Casablanca 

Bryan Cassidy

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