Black Fist (1975)
Black Streetfighter
Get Fisk
Leroy - Ein Gigant Explodiert

Nomination Year: 2009
SYNOPSIS:  It's the stirring tale of Fisk, a young black man who started from nothing to become the top street fighter in L.A. Or at least the only one left standing. Along the way, there are double-crossing agents, bloody fights, gangsters, dead girlfriends, drugs, and contracts-on-his-life galore. Another contender for Worst Soundtrack: "L.A. Grey" by Geraldine Kaye. And note that "Martin the Wonderdog" is in the credits. I'm guessing he'll be the best actor. The N-bombs come thick and fast from the first scene!

"Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw"

Getting the Living Crap Beaten into Him
"Boom-Boom" gets smacked down seventeen different ways, including getting his head dunked into a particularly nasty (and full) public toilet. After Fisk works him over (and over and over) and he's begging for help from pissersby, Logan's guy comes in and smacks him around some more (and more).

Crummiest Ending

Now You're Number One on the Street
Ingo was behind it all! Logan. Evon. Fleishman. Fletch. Bey. Fisk kills Ingo. Then goes batfuck nuts and smashes a mirror.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Richard Lawson  
Philip Michael Thomas best known as "Detective Tubbs" on Miami Vice 
Dabney Coleman His big, dark mustache and clipped Southern dialect make him easily recognizable. He was also the boss ("Franklin Hart") in the movie 9 to 5
Director Claim to Fame
Timothy Galfas  
Richard Kaye  

Bryan Cassidy

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