Flesh Feast (1970)
Time is Terror

Nomination Year: 2013
SYNOPSIS:  Flesh Feast is Veronica Lake's final movie, and she probably shouldn't have bothered. She already had celluloid immortality, and I don't think this one is how she wants to be remembered -- sprinkling flesh-eating maggots onto a geriatric Hitler.

Veronica Lake is the mad scientist who has developed a maggot-based rejuvenation technique, but in the end it's all a scheme to get her revenge on Der F├╝hrer.

The director has an unfortunate tendency to shoot people in longshot, and to frame his shots so that the actors are consistently in the lower half of the frame. Early on, a crusading reporter is on the phone in the lower-left quarter of the frame for about a minute before his assistant walks into the room, filling out the right half of the screen. Because apparently they didn't have Camera-Tilt Technology in 1970.


Stiff upper lip! No, I mean there's one hanging there....
The Doctor's nosy paranoid assistant pokes her way through most of the secret room in the lab before she sees the human body parts that have been hanging in the middle of the room the entire time.

Worst Cover Copy

How shall I wrong thee? Let me count the ways!
The front cover is a bad drawing ... not just sylistically, but it's also non-representative of any of the characters.

The back cover does have a still from the movie, but it's also got a glamour shot of Veronica Lake from the 1940s. And we haven't gotten to the actual copy yet!

Highlights include "the centerpiece of this grizzly shocker" (no bears are tasered), and "Ghastly, Youth restoration, experiments, using flesh eating maggots." Ghastly, extraneous, comma-filled. And ... flesh eating maggots? Without the hyphen there, that's a case of "man bites dog" (er ... maggot) if ever I've heard one!

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Veronica Lake blonde bombshell from the 1940s, it pains me to list her here 
Director Claim to Fame
Brad F. Grinter Directed Blood Freaks 

Kevin Hogan

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