Bloodmoon (1997)
Bloodmoon: Der Karatekiller

Nomination Year: 2009
SYNOPSIS:  Yet another Gary Daniels movie ... Remember him from Fatal Blade and Black Friday?

Someone is killing former competitors from the "Challenge of Champions" -- a mixed-martial-arts event where boxers can fight kendo masters, judo experts can go against Kung Fu fighters, and so on, and so forth. An ex-stage-magician-turned-police-detective (and martial artist) must find the killer. Unfortunately, his captain (Frank Gorshin) wants him to take a new partner: a mentally traumatized ex-cop (and martial artist). Can he convince Daniels to come out of retirement, overcome his flashbacks, reconcile with his estranged family and still capture the bad guy?

Well.. Yeah. But it's gonna hurt.

Deus Ex Machina

The movie's over! Let's have a parade!
Ken is running to save his family from a time bomb, but he'll never make it in time! His wife is screaming at him to run away, but instead he leaps toward them, all the better to die with them. The timer hits zero, and there's a loud "pop!" as the sticks of 'dynamite' burst into clouds of confetti. A tape recorder left behind by the villain plays his maniacal laugh... "Ha ha ha!! I'm not a child killer!"

Roll credits.

Smithee Award Winner! "Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw"

That's why he's the Master.
The bad guy kills a sword master using an iron-finger chest strike that we've seen him use before. He then proceeds to slice the corpse up, kick the body through a paper screen, slam it into a wall, smash its face into a vase, flip it onto a desk and then he jumps up and down on on it. And since that wasn't enough, he then blows up the building when Chuck arrives. You know. Just to be sure.

Actors/Directors of Note
Actor Claim to Fame
Gary Daniels Champion kickboxer and karate fighter 
Frank Gorshin a true television and movie veteran, he is best known as "The Riddler" on the campy Batman television series 
Keith Vitali fight choreographer on American Kickboxer 1, and co-produced Bloodmoon 
Director Claim to Fame
Tony Leung Siu Hung also fight and stunt choreographer ... credited as "Tony Leung," "Leung Siu-Hung," "Tony Leung Siu Hung," and other variations of his name 

Matt Quirk

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