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SMITHEE AWARDS™ XXX: No, Not What You're Thinking 

Free your mind from the gutter -- and drag it to THE THIRTIETH ANNUAL SMITHEE AWARDS at Origins 2022! Join the Bad Boys of Bad Movies yet again as the Smith-ka-teers present their 30th-year blowout extravaganza!

Thinkin’ back over the last three decades, there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since Smithees One happened in 1992. We showed you Big Gus. An onstage proposal. Swingin’ Kitty Love. Static Boy. We’ve laughed together, cried together, praised the ray together, and held back our gorge together. And remember the time last year we couldn’t navigate the mysterious ways of live streaming? (Live and learn!)

But we decided we just can’t let go. This is not the end of the road -- we can make it happen again because we’re 2 legit 2 quit!

Do I have to say the words? We ain’t 2 proud to beg: Keep coming back to the THIRTIETH ANNUAL SMITHEES. Please don’t go back to the hotel until you’ve experienced all 18 crazy categories -- from Most Ludicrous Premise, Stupidest-Looking Monster, and Worst Special Effect, through “Cutting Butter with a Chainsaw” and “Let’s Up the Rating to ‘R’” (a bit of erotica), to Worst Acting and finally (to save the best for last) Worst Picture! And get ready for this: YOU vote for the best/worst clips, each a masterpiece of unintentional hilarity and a hazard to sanity!

The best things in life are free...and so is this! There’s no charge to subject yourself to this cinematic ordeal -- come as you are, and stay or jump as you please. Friday, June 10th is not just another day! Why? Because from 7 (PM) until about Midnight in an Origins Ballroom to be determined, it’s SMITHEE AWARDS XXX!

I’ll be there. What about your friends? Bring them along and they’ll sing our praises as they say, “I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven!” Would I lie to you?

-Your Host, Bryan "Allen Smithee" Cassidy

Thanks To All Who Attended!

True, the live stream of the 29th-3/4ish Annual Smithees at Origins 2021 met with some insurmountable technical difficulties -- it was our first attempt, after all, and we had to rely on our own connectivity -- but a fantastic time was still had by all.

It is still my intention to display the ceremony on this site in a special format. So those of you who were not able to see it in all its glory can experience the clips firsthand. Well...second-hand, at any rate.

Stay tuned to this space!

-Your Host, Bryan "Allen Smithee" Cassidy

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