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Smithee Awards™ XXIX: The Plague of Smithee 

Believe it or not, I'd written this whole disease-themed blurb for this year's Smithee Awards way back in December, before this whole Coronavirus business was really that much of a thing. Reading it now, it seems in really poor taste. In other words, perfect for The 29th Annual Smithee Awards! To be October? Probably?

As you likely already know, Origins has been postponed until then (October) and they are working on an online version, to go live on the original June dates. Will there be an online version of the Smithees? We Smith-ka-teers are looking into it, so stay tuned!

Regardless, whenever Origins reopens its doors, the Smithees will be there waiting, like the rats in the abandonded house. Giant, radioactive, mutant cyborg rats. Also, there are exciting upgrades in the wind for both this site and the Smithee Awards Ceremony, changes which both respect our original roots and embrace innovation, technological and cinematic! How's that for enticingly vague?

Therefore, keep watching this space for further developments, and here's hoping you are all staying safe during the current little apocalypse, snugly at home watching horrible movies in preparation for the next deluxe installment of the original annual Bad Movie Awards Ceremony: The Smithee Awards!

-Your Host, Bryan "Allen Smithee" Cassidy.

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