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Aging like fine milk, The Smithee Awards returns in its triumphant 31st Annual Ceremony! Though it’s been a rocky road these past years, the Smith-ka-teers™ are once again scooping out a dish that’s best served cold: Bad Movies! YOU decide which so-Bad-it’s-hilarious clip takes the gold medal ribbon in each of 18 nutty categories like Most Ludicrous Premise, Worst Special Effect, “Cutting Butter with a Chainsaw,” Inane Dialogue, Worst Acting, and Worst Picture—and that’s just a taste spoon.

Join us on FRIDAY, JUNE 23 starting at 7pm (room TBD) and lasting until about midnight. Stay or split as you please. And the cherry on top? We have a few cool prizes for those whose brains don’t melt. Also—did we mention it’s free?

Since our secret recipe includes some violence, adult language, and nudity (nothing NC-17), The Smithee Awards is not exactly vanilla and may therefore not be suitable for all ages. Parental discretion is advised.

But feel free to treat yourself. THE THIRTY-FIRST ANNUAL SMITHEE AWARDS has no sugar, no calories…and as always, absolutely no taste.

-Your Host, Bryan "Allen Smithee" Cassidy


It’s been five (okay, six) years… You know what that means…

Yes, it’s time once again for the Smith-ka-teers™ to dust off and unleash their side-splitting, madcap race to the bottom called THE MEGAMETASMITHEE AWARDS!

We’ve culled the bestworst (worstbest?) “winning” clips from the five previous Smithee Awards and are pitting them against each another in a loser-take-all extravaganza showdown!

YOU vote to decide the Worst of the Best of the Worst! YOU get the chance to win cool, kitschy prizes! YOU struggle through the brain-bashingly difficult decisions in our 18 crazy categories—everything from Oblivious and Stupidest-Looking Monster through “Let’s Up the Rating to ‘R’” and Worst Picture! And YOU deal with the psychological aftermath of sitting through 90 godawful Bad Movie clips already proven to induce insanity! Or at least insane laughter.

MegaMetaSmithees 6 is rated OH MY LORD WHY??? and may include some violence, adult language, and nudity (nothing NC-17), therefore parental discretion is advised.

But heck, your parents would probably beg you not to go, so join us anyway on THURSDAY, JUNE 22 (room TBD) from 7pm until Whenever We’re Done (about midnight) for a night of fully-recycled cinematic compost that’s sure to make you go green!

-Your Host, Bryan "Allen Smithee" Cassidy

Thirtieth Annual Ceremony Continues to Spread Awesomeness!

A great time was had by all at Smithee Awards XXX: No, Not What You're Thinking in Columbus on June 10th!

Much appreciation to all who attended, and thanks especially to the outpouring of support for our situation with GAMA/Origins. As you may have heard, Greg and Jenna declined to attend, in protest of The Smith-ka-teers' not getting comped full convention badges. Though I did not advocate any specific course of action, many of our fans took it upon themselves to express their displeasure at the treatment of what is (in one fan's words) "this unique draw." So thanks for that!

The big loser: Anyone who had to watch Ghost Shark!

Full winners will be posted soon--as well as some announcements about the possible future of The Smithee Awards! Stay tuned!

-Your Host, Bryan "Allen Smithee" Cassidy

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