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What Is Happening?! 

Okay. I'm waiting just TEN MORE MINUTES, and if nobody shows up by then, I'm leaving the convention center!

But seriously, as you've probably guessed, because we all seem to have fallen into the plot of one of these films, it looks as if there will be no in-person Smithee Awards this year. We are still considering other options/formats. But in the meantime, at least you can expect big changes and updates here at the official Smithee Awards site...a time-consuming project which is proceeding apace: The inclusion of THE ACTUAL CLIPS in the movie detail descriptions! Just drill down to the movie-level from any search (film, gallery, or ceremony), and they'll be there...kinda.

You see, the Smithees didn't go digital until 2003, so any ceremonies before then are not currently supported. I have about 97% of the rest; there were some ceremonies or individual categories that, alas, got corrupted. (The files, I mean -- the ceremonies themselves were always corrupted.) So there may be a clip here and there after '03 that will have to wait.

But wait, there's more! These clips are SPECIAL, because I have learned to be a master captioner! Yes, these clips are captioned for the cinematically impaired. This, by the way, will be the norm going forward in the actual ceremonies; those sound systems can be notoriously distorting, even when the clip itself isn't some degraded soundtrack from 1958. So hopefully, this innovation will spark joy for all, particularly our differently-hearing fans.

And that's not all! Other little improvements abound! The film description pages now have cast and director photos (so you can go "Oooooh! THAT guy!"); much more fleshed-out descriptions of movies, clips, actors, and directors; a captioned photo gallery of covers, posters, and ads (just click on the pic); all the CHEESY TAGLINES; and an expandable/collapsible list of alternate titles (click on an English alternate, and the list of foreign-release titles will expand). Nifty.

My intention is to go largely in alphabetical order, adding all the clips I have in my possession, then re-clipping from original digitized sources for the remainder. I'll keep a progress alert here on the site so you can see when your favorite Smithee clips arrive (bottom right). Currently, that means any clip from a ceremony from 2003 or later that begins with a number/symbol or the letter "A" is probably there already, as well as a few "B"s.

More to come -- stay tuned!

-Your Host, Bryan "Allen Smithee" Cassidy

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