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Thanks To All Who Attended! 

True, the live stream of the 29th-3/4ish Annual Smithees at Origins met with some insurmountable technical difficulties -- it was our first attempt, after all, and we had to rely on our own connectivity -- but a fantastic time was still had by all.

It is still my intention to display the ceremony on this site in a special format. So those of you who were not able to see it in all its glory can experience the clips firsthand. Well...second-hand, at any rate.

Stay tuned to this space!

-Your Host, Bryan "Allen Smithee" Cassidy

Smithee Awards™ XXIX: Plague of Smithee

Greetings once again, fellow Cinemasochists! After over a year's hiatus (to slow the spread), it's time for another outbreak of The Smithee Awards, the original annual ceremony celebrating So-Bad-They're-(Almost)-Good films that'll make you convulse with hilarity. Or nausea. Or both.

Get ready to take your medicine as you (yes, you) feverishly vote for your favorite bilious Bad Movie clips in 18 deliriously wacky categories, including: Most Ludicrous Premise, Worst Science, "Cutting Butter with a Chainsaw," Worst Special Effect, "Let’s Up the Rating to 'R'," and (naturally) Worst Acting and Worst Picture -- each clip the cinematic equivalent of diarrhea accompanied by a bad cough. And this year, the clips will be captioned for the hearing and/or mentally impaired.

New this year, we will be streaming the ceremony live via Microsoft Teams, a video feed right alongside the in-person event -- sort of a co-vid -- for those of you who cannot or choose not to attend in person. Heck, it'll nearly be like you're participating live...which is basically what I say to myself as I get up every morning. Join the event here (the feed opens at 6:30pm Eastern Time).

So if you can attend in person, simply adjust your facemasks, slather on the sanitizer, and join us Friday, October 1st, starting at 7:00pm Eastern Time/6:00pm Central Time/5:00pm Mountain Time/4:00pm Pacific Time in the Convention Center Ballroom A. Or join us online in full, reassuring anonymity from the comfort of your living room/bedroom/lair and web browser. The show runs until about midnight with a 15-minute intermission. You don't need a passport; no quarantine (come and go as you please); no Delta variants or vaccine hesitancy -- the only thing contagious here is the laughter!

THE 29th-3/4ish ANNUAL SMITHEE AWARDS -- Spread the word: It'll be sick.

-Your Host, Bryan "Allen Smithee" Cassidy

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